How To Start Soft Drink Business In Nigeria (2024)

In this article, we’d show you the best ways to start soft drink business in Nigeria and answer questions that may be bothering you such as the best way to make a profit from selling soft drinks, how much is needed to start soft drinks business, how to become soft drinks distributor and a whole lot of other questions. Read on!!!

Carbonated soft drinks popularly known as minerals are drinks that contain gas and carbohydrates. They are refreshing and best served chill.

Soft drinks are highly consumed and that means there’s a market for them because people would keep patronizing you. Most people quench their thirst with soft drinks (mineral) and if you manage this business appropriately, you’ll make so much profit from it.

Requirements To Start Soft Drink Business In Nigeria

The following factors are key points to consider when starting soft drinks business in Nigeria.


You need to find out how much is needed to start soft drinks business because the information you gather would help you save up for capital or get a loan if need be. No business can start without capital and so you would need capital to start this business.

Finding out how much is needed would also help you plan and determine if you’ll be starting small or big and then you can decide on the equipment to buy for the business.

Feasibility Report

To start soft drinks business and remain successful, you need to carry out this study because it will help you know how the business operates, help you understand the business very well, and know how best to avoid challenges that may arise.

A feasibility study of soft drinks in Nigeria would help you determine which drinks are the most consumed, which is the bestselling brand, the prices of the drinks, and the people consuming these drinks. Having seen the importance of a feasibility study, it is safe to say that you can’t actually do without it.

You can also visit the soft drinks depot you have around you and carry out the research you need and ask them questions that may be bothering you as well.


After carrying out a feasibility study and seeing the result of the research, next thing is to rent a shop in a strategic location that would be easily accessible to both your suppliers and customers.

You wouldn’t want a situation where the truck that’s coming to supply has gone bad due to your bad roads, trust me, they wouldn’t want to keep coming to supply the drinks because they have other customers in better locations and that definitely affects your business if your customers keep coming and you don’t have drinks because they haven’t been supplied yet.

So choosing a strategic location would go a long way in helping you manage your business properly. This can however be avoided if you have a big compound to keep empty crates and enough space to run the business.

You can choose to use your compound and avoid the cost of renting a shop or scouting for a location.

Step-by-step Guide To Start Soft Drink Business In Nigeria

To start and maintain a successful soft drink business, you would have to be creative and add a lot of other things such as selling cookies or snacks to go with the drunks, selling yogurts, juice, bottled water, and even recharge cards, you can even include POS, you can as well add home delivery by supplying to those who would be doing parties at home, get boys to sell in traffic for you, add sachet water to it, sell peanut burger, chin and a whole lot of other edibles that’d go with the drinks you’re selling.

With this, choosing a soft drink business niche is not very necessary because there’s nothing stopping you from selling all available brands. Don’t limit yourself.

Materials Needed To Start Soft Drink Business

To start soft drinks business, you would need the following materials for effective operation and management;

A fridge- this is needed to chill the drinks but the good thing about this business is that you can always get chillers and freezers from companies as freebies for your brand loyalty and for patronizing them. Before that comes, it’s best you have a refrigerator for yourself.

Show glass- the show glass is to put the complimentary snacks you’ll be selling on display so people can see them and grab one alongside their drinks.

Distribution vehicle- you’d need this to enable you to distribute to retailers and other people you would be selling to.

Register Your Business

When starting soft drinks business in Nigeria, It’s best you register it so that you’ll be a recognized vendor. For some companies, that is a requirement to become a distributor.

Getting registered gives you the right to your business and nobody will drag your business or the name with you.


When starting a soft drink business in Nigeria, your sole aim would be to make a profit at the end of the day and that’s achievable by re-investing any profit you get, don’t spend too much and you can make more profit from sales, buying at wholesale rates from companies and selling at a higher rate.

You can attract more customers by price reduction; that would bring more people and it equals more sales which translate to more profit.



To become a coco-cola distributor, you may need to have a registered business and most companies would want you to have a warehouse and store. It’s best you visit the company and ask what their policies regarding being a distributor are.  


Coca-cola holds the position as the best-selling soft drink in Nigeria with varieties of drinks such as Coke, Fanta, sprite, Schweppes, five alive, etcetera.


Selling soft drinks is a very lucrative business that isn’t crowded yet, I’m sure you can count the number of outlets around you.

Starting this business may require a lot but it’s worth it. You can start small and grow to be a big distributor because starting small is better than not starting at all.