Delta Line Transport Price List 2024, Online Booking, Terminals, and Contacts

Are you in need of a Delta Line Transport price list? Or perhaps you’re searching for information regarding their terminals or how to book tickets to travel with them. This article helps with all that.

What is Delta Line Transport Known For?

Nigeria, as we all know, is one of Africa’s most populous countries, as well as one of the world’s most productive. As a result, commercial activities will be in high demand, as will the necessity to move from one location to another.

Various transportation businesses have sprouted up around the country, including Delta Line Transport Limited, which has weathered the test of time.

The Delta Line transportation service has been a source of significant development and economic improvement in the country, helping to lower the number of unemployed youngsters and bringing development to various states.

Apart from simply transporting passengers from one location to another, Delta Line Transport also provides logistics, courier services, bus hire, rental, and a variety of other services, all of which will be described later.

Delta Line Transport Limited is one of Nigeria’s most dependable transportation providers. And this is made feasible by their business model as well as the resources they have.

Today, we’ll look at the Delta Line Transportation price list, vehicle terminals, online ticket bookings, transportation services, and how to contact them simply.

Delta Line Transport: Overview

Delta Transport Services Limited is a renowned Nigerian transportation firm that has been transporting Nigerians from one city to the next as well as interstate transportation for many years.

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The organization, which was founded about 40 years ago under a previous name, has gone through various stages of transition in order to achieve its current goal.
Delta Line has provided great transportation services to its consumers since its start in 1991. It was originally known as Bendel Line before being renamed, Delta Line.

With the support of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa and the Delta State government, a commitment was made to enter into a public-private venture with GTDC, a private organization with an established track record in transportation, resulting in the company becoming one of the best transport companies in the state.

Delta Line hired the best drivers and trained them to operate according to the company’s standards in order to efficiently provide top-notch transportation services to Delta Line customers. In addition, Delta Line profited from the use of technology to improve service delivery and regularly provide commuters with inexpensive, pocket-friendly prices.

Delta Line Transport Price List

Below is an updated price list of Delta Line Transport:


From Ajegunle to:Price()


From Asaba-Koka to:Price()
Lagos(Mile 2)₦8,000

Asaba Loading Bay

From Asaba Loading Bay to:Price(₦)


From Issele-Uku to:Price(₦)
Lagos(Jibowu)₦ 8,000

Iyana-Ipaja (Kpako)

From Iyana-Ipaja(Kpako):Price(₦)
Delta (Asaba-Koka)₦8,000
Delta (Warri)₦8,000


From Jabi to:Price (₦)
Asaba Loading Bay₦10,000
Delta (Aghor)₦10,000
Delta (Warri)₦11,000
Edo (Benin City)₦11,000


From Jibowu to:Price(₦)
Delta (Kwale)₦8,000


From Onitsha to:Price(₦)
Abuja (Jabi)₦6,500
Delta (Sapele)₦2,500
Delta (Warri)₦2,000
Edo (Benin city)₦1,500
Lagos (Jibowu)₦5,500

Other routes plied by this company are:

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Agbor – Abuja₦8,700
Ogwashiuku – Lagos₦7,000

Delta Line Transport Terminals

Asaba Terminal Delta Line Transport Service, 169, Nnebisi Road, Isieke, Asaba, Nigeria09062910241
Agbor TerminalDelta Line Transport Service, Asaba-Agbor Highway/Asaba Benin Lagos Expy/Benin-Asaba Hwy/A232, Delta, Nigeria   0906 276 5515
   Mile 2 TerminalGhana Park, Mile 2, Lagos, Nigeria09062765514
Warri TerminalDelta Line Transport Service, 230 P.T.I Rd, Effurun, Warri, Nigeria09062910241
Jabi TerminalDelta Line Transport Services Limited, Tunde Idiagbon Street, Utako, Abuja, Nigeria  [email protected]
Jibowu Terminal1, Edmund Crescent By Jibowu Bus Stop, Beside Road Safety Corps Office, Jibowu St, behind Eagle Transport, Yaba, Lagos[email protected]
Onitsha Main-Market TerminalDelta Line Substation, Asaba Umuagu, Nigeria[email protected]
Iyana-Ipaja TerminalDelta Line Transpor Service,  Pako Bus stop, Dopemu under bridge Lagos, Nigeria 08077848059

Booking Tickets With Delta Line Transport

How can you purchase a Delta Line Transportation ticket? Delta Line has given priority to its reservations. When it comes to purchasing tickets, there are three options. These three options are:

  • Online Booking Via Website;
  • Booking via Mobile application;
  • Physical booking.

Online Booking Via Website

Follow the following procedures to book your ticket online:

  • Visit the Delta Line Transport Official Website:
  • You can book a ticket by clicking the “Book a Ticket” button. Fill completely the form one by one once it appears.
  • Proceed after selecting a seat.
  • To make a secure payment, use your ATM card.
  • After you make a successful payment, you will receive your ticket.

Booking Via Mobile Application

Simply download the Delta Line Mobile Application from the App Store or Google Play Store. To book a ticket via the mobile app, follow the same steps as above. The only difference is that bookings made through the mobile app are more secure than those made through the website.

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Physical Booking

This can be done by going to any of the nearby terminals. This is far more stressful than staying at home and letting your phone do the work for you. This is a viable option for those who do not have access to a mobile phone or a data connection.

Services Rendered by Delta Line Transport

  • Road transportation services
  • Courier services
  • Car hire services

Why Choose Delta Line Transport?

What are the advantages of Delta Line? Nigeria has a number of transportation options. Traveling with the Delta Line, on the other hand, has certain distinct advantages and features that set it apart from the competition.

Delta Line Transport has a number of distinguishing features that make for a wonderful voyage. Some of the advantages of traveling with Delta Line are as follows:

Buses can be booked at your convenience

Buses are available for pick-up in a designated area and can be scheduled at your leisure. You will receive a booking reference number and an email confirmation once you have booked your bus. You’ll be able to go whenever you choose, on your own terms.

Select your desired seat on the bus

After you’ve chosen your preferred seat, your assigned seat will be revealed. Click on the seat you want to swap to if you want to modify your seat preference. You can click the “Continue” option if you don’t want to switch.

You can rent a bus for your events or needs

You can rent a bus with extra space if you wish to invite your friends in a small group or on a private charter. It’s a terrific method to get your visitors around and have a good time at the same time. For personal use, you can also rent a car.

Secured payment options through Paystack

Payments are safe and secure. Your financial data is secure.

Customer support

Customer service employees at Delta Line Transport are always polite and professional in their approach.

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This article has discussed everything you need to know about Delta Line transport. Here are details regarding their headquarters for further inquiries:

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