Landstar Express Price List 2024, Online Booking, Terminals, and Contacts

Are you looking for one of Nigeria’s greatest road transportation companies? Landstar Express is one of the best, and in this post, we’ll explain why you should choose Landstar Express as a reliable company in charge of your transportation.

Landstar Express: Overview

In Nigeria, the demand for transportation has increased over time. This also takes into account the fact that, in Nigeria, road transit is the most common mode of transportation.

Also, keep in mind that different people have different travel tastes. Many consumers may feel nervous interacting with a specific transportation firm in one or two scenarios. Landstar Express is a viable alternative for persons who have had one or two issues to deal with other transportation companies in Nigeria

Landstar Express: Brief History

Landstar Express is a well-known and recognized Nigerian transportation company that serves the country’s major cities and towns. Its main goal is to be a Nigerian road transportation firm that provides exceptional travel experiences for commuters’ end-to-end needs, as well as to constantly pursue customer happiness and safety in the implementation of imaginative travel solutions.

This transportation company primarily transports people and products between states, with a concentration on Lagos, Abuja, and other Nigerian cities, while assuring the safety of both passengers and cargoes. Their buses are in good shape and highly maintained to avoid unnecessary stops during the journey. Because the drivers are well-trained, they are aware of traffic laws and regulations.

Passengers’ safety is prioritized alongside their comfort. There is air conditioning and a toilet on site. Passengers also have access to free Wi-Fi to access the internet throughout their journey.

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Landstar Express Price List

Below are the recent prices charged by this notable transportation company whilst travelling from one location to the other. However, as a result of recent inflation in prices today, the prices may as well rise. Changes would be made when this happens.

Departure LocationArrival LocationPrice(₦)
Mando GarageLagos₦8,500
Sabon GariLagos₦8,500

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Landstar Express Terminals

Below are Landstar Express terminals found in Nigeria:

Agege Terminal195, Old Abeokuta Road, Papa Ashafa, Lagos State07069790425
Ebute-Metta TerminalIddo Shopping Complex, Ebute-metta, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State.08177775348, 09060009071, 07069790425
Mando Garage TerminalNnamdi Azikwe Way, Opposite Mando Lagos Garage, Kaduna08075938888, 08064244687
Sabon Gari TerminalUnuguwa Uku, Kano08106052380
Utako Terminal1 IV.W Osisidgwu Cresent, Utako, Abuja08177775341

Booking Tickets With Landstar Express

Booking tickets to travel with this transportation firm has just 2 options. You may choose to book tickets via the website or race to any of the closest terminals to your location to book one. Follow the following procedures to book your tickets online:

  • Visit their official website:
  • When you select that, a menu appears with information on what to fill out for your journey.
  • The “departing terminal” refers to the terminal that is nearest to where you are departing from.
  • The “destination terminal” refers to the terminal that is nearest to the location to which you are traveling.
  • Enter your phone number and the date you want to go.
  • “Search” should be selected.
  • A list of buses from various possible terminals is displays, along with their costs.
  • Choose your favorite bus.
  • If no buses are running along the route, you can contact their headquarters or go to one of their nearest terminals for instructions.
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No terminals around you?

Place a call to their headquarters.

Have no details regarding that?

Check the latter part of this piece.

Services Rendered by Landstar Express

Landstar Express renders the following services:

  • Inter-state road transportation;
  • Chartered booking;
  • Courier services.

Chartered Booking

You can book any vehicle at your leisure and at your own pace. You won’t have to deal with crowds or delays caused by multiple stops along the way.

This service is designed for workers who need to go to work as quickly as possible every morning. Not just workers, you may book a ride on getting to an airport provided this service is rendered in that particular location.

Courier/Logistics Services

Landstar Express is also capable of handling and delivering packages and items of all sizes. You can use their services to carry your items to another area where they will be safely accepted.

Once you’ve booked them to deliver your items, you’ll be given a tracking ID so you can keep track of their travels from the comfort of your own home. To track your items, go to their website, click on ‘tracking,’ and then input your tracking ID. You’ll be able to see where your things are situated after that.

Still, trying to digest that information?

The tracking system used by Landstar Express is very simple. This may be done by going to and selecting “tracking.”

After that, you’ll need to input your tracking number. At this juncture, it is assumed that you already have a tracking number, so all you have to do now is locate your receipt, type the tracking code into the required field, and click on track it.

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Why Choose Landstar Express?

Clients of this transportation company stand to gain a lot from particularly traveling with them. Here are some of the advantages of traveling with Landstar Express:

  • Excellent client service
  • A group of well-trained and experienced drivers
  • Buses that are attractive and well-maintained
  • Buses with air conditioning
  • Fees that are reasonable
  • They’re always on time
  • The organization makes sure that its personnel and passengers are safe.

As part of its safety efforts to safeguard the lives of its passengers and staff, Landstar Express is adopting the COVID-19 protocols in all of its bus terminals.

The following are some of the steps made to halt the pandemic’s spread:

  • Putting on a face mask
  • Hand washing and sanitizing stations are available.
  • All personnel and clients must have their temperatures checked upon entering the premises.
  • The availability of medical staff.

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For corporate leaders, celebrities, and those seeking luxury transport buses, Landstar Express is the finest option. Landstar has something or a special rate for everyone, regardless of who they are. When you travel with Landstar Express, you can count on a comfortable ride.

Looking to get in touch with any of their customer care representatives?

Need to visit their corporate headquarters to make inquiries?

Address: Iddo shopping complex, Ebute metta Lagos

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